COVID-19 IgM & IgG Antibody test - BCN
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COVID-19 IgM & IgG Antibody test - BCN

Blood test to measure the immune response against COVID-19. Detects IgM and IgG neutralizing antibodies against the viral protein S.

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Information about the test

What’s included in the price?

Includes blood test with 2 markers and medical comment with interpretations and recommendations.

What markers are included in the analysis?

Measures Antibodies (neutralizing IgM and IgG) against COVID-19.

Who is it recommended for?

Recommended for anyone who wants to know their immune response against COVID-19 or the vaccine.

Do I need an appointment?

Depending on the clinic, it may or may not need an appointment. Consult the map below. To ask for an appointment, contact us by chat, call to 911822517 or write to

Markers included in the analysis

The detection of immunoglobulins in blood is a test that indirectly determines contact with an infectious agent, evaluating the response of the immune system through the generation of antibodies.

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